We Love What We Do.

Our 20 year legacy is one of continuous development, our practice is informed by contemporary standards and we enjoy new challenges.

B-Dem Records
A 21st century music label offering artist media support and streaming solutions.

Tangent consistently goes beyond expectations. Bringing years of experience in what does and doesn't work in website interface and functionality, as well as a general knowledge around business and best practice, Tangent will continue to be our choice for our design and development both with websites and other design needs as we grow our future ventures.

Josh Smith, Founder

A uniqueness of vision that sets their designs apart from the competition.

We are an award-winning landscape design consultancy and have employed Tangent Web Design to create and manage our website since 2007. During this time the website has been reworked twice with minor adaptions to the presentation between which demonstrates Tangents ability to predict, understand and develop for an ever changing web environment.

Andrew Thornhill, Director

The Mighty Booth
Handling thousands of high quality images for leading brands.

We have engaged Tangent and Tudor on three separate occasions to improve and upgrade the website with myself and Tudor continuing as the respective project managers. These upgrades were all delivered on time and within budget. I on behalf of The Mighty Booth have no hesitation in recommending both Tangent Web Design and Tudor Watson.

Lee Stewart, Website Coordinator

Our Long Term support Is Relied On.

Caroline De Bertodano
Our support has helped an accomplished photographer in the print world transition to digital and embrace the online world.

Sidlesham Heritage Trail
An ongoing heritage project building archives with public contributions. Bringing the community together to learn more about its origin.

Scamp Factory
Lee needed multiple portfolios to display the breadth of his work, he needed an easy way to update these regularly to keep the site fresh.

Robert Eadie
An accomplished painter exploring light, texture and beauty in the natural surroundings.

Timothy Cubed
Designing with light. Interactive sculptures and installations.

Sophie Adams
Stunning artwork from an incredibly talented english artist.

Our Tools Are Carefully Chosen.

Symfony / PHP & MYSQL

To accelerate development and deliver the best possible outcome for your new project we use the contemporary web framework Symfony.

Symfony is the standard foundation on which the best PHP applications are built.

World class applications such as Drupal, Magento and Joomla are built using Symfony.


We create 3D Visualisations and interactive documents using cross-browser WebGL to create and display animated 3D computer graphics in a web browser.

WebGL allows 3d cross platform applications to be developed effectively.

See your data in a new way, presenting data visually brings new insights and facilitates a deeper understanding of complex systems.


For cross platform 2D Visualisations and animations D3 is the industry standard powerhouse, easily manage and view large data sets interactively.

D3 helps us bring data to life with powerful visualization components.

A flexible and powerful tool, the user experience can be tailored to your exact requirements, or select from a range of off-the-shelf products.

What Next ? Contact Us.

We encourage you to email us and schedule a call, we'll discuss your requirements and can look at example costings of relevant portfolios pieces to get a ball park budget established.

The web is a constantly changing environment, our primary goal is to maximise the return on your investment. We build a solid foundation ready to incorporate your future requirements.

Our 20 year legacy is one of continuous development, our practice is informed by contemporary standards and we enjoy the new challenges every project generates.

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